The 2017 E3 Pastors Conference: Defending the Faith in an Age of Unbelief

In a culture increasingly hostile to orthodox belief it’s essential that we be prepared to engage, to listen, and to defend the faith – in our churches, communities, and around the world. Join us for two days of worship, lectures, and preaching that will:

Equip You to Defend the Truth Intelligently,

Encourage You to Speak with Confidence &

Engage you in Fellowship with Fellow Laborers

Information on Schedule and Speakers Coming Soon

Featured Speaker

Dr. Voddie Baucham

Dr. Voddie Baucham is an author, pastor, professor, and frequent conference speaker. He recently accepted the position of Dean of the Seminary at African Christian University in Lusaka, Zambia where he lives with his wife and nine children. Voddie’s area of emphasis is Cultural Apologetics. His most recent book, Expository Apologetics, highlights the accessibility and practicality of apologetics in preaching and daily life.

David Doran

Dr. Doran has been the senior pastor at Inter-City Baptist Church since 1989. He leads through sound biblical preaching and teaching both in the church and at Detroit Baptist Theological Seminary. He has written many articles for religious publications and co-authored a book on missions entitled For the Sake of His Name.

Tim Jordan

Dr. Jordan has been pastoring Calvary Baptist Church in Landsdale, PA for 40 years. He is a frequent speaker at conferences and known for his pastor’s heart, quick wit, and exposition of the Scriptures.

Conrad Mbewe

Dr. Conrad Mbewe has served as the pastor of Kabwata Baptist Church in Lusaka, Zambia, since 1987 and is one of Africa’s premier expositors and theologians. He is a frequent conference speaker and the author of Maintaining Sexual Purity and Foundations for the Flock. He is also the editor of Reformation Zambia magazine.

Aaron Coffey

Aaron Coffey serves churches through the evangelistic preaching and music of Coffey Ministries. Before starting his own team he travelled with the Steve Pettit Evangelistic Team and with Will Galkin Ministries. He is also the director of Spread the Word, a summer ministry team that assists church plants in inner city Detroit.


  • Director of Grace Baptist Missions – “Sanctification in Cross-Cultural Contexts”
  • Dr. Mark Snoeberger – “Definitive Sanctification as a Safeguard Against Unbiblical Models of Progressive Sanctification”
  • Dr. Robert McCabe – “Psalm 51 and Sanctification”
  • Dr. John Aloisi – “John Wesley and the Decline of Confessional Sanctification

Speaker: Missions Director

Title: Apologetics in Cross-Cultural Contexts

Description: In this workshop we’ll consider what apologetic encounters across cultures should look like by exploring practical examples of contextualization within a variety of contexts.

Speaker: Ken Brown

Title: Apologetics for Local Church Outreach

Description: The biblical worldview addresses everything, and therefore can be applied to anything.   Whether the topic is origins, ethics, marriage, depression, revelation or any other, a consistent apologetic approach can be utilized. This workshop will suggest a methodology the local church can employ to regularly gather unbelievers to hear God’s truth, refute the non-Christian’s foundational assumptions, and point them to Christ.

Speaker: Jacob Elwart

Title: The Sufficiency of Scripture Applied

Description: How do we take the timeless truths of Scripture and apply them to a specific conflict in a person’s life? This workshop will be a case study that applies the doctrine of the sufficiency of Scripture by giving practical insight in counseling a Christian married man who is trapped in sin. We will explore what the Bible has to say about God, the gospel, and this man’s sin. Then we will consider practical ways that we can help him see his sin and restore his relationship with God and others.

Speaker: Dr. Bruce Compton

Title: Spiritual illumination: The Necessary Foundation for Effective Apologetics

Description: According to the story of the rich man and Lazarus, even if one were to rise from the dead and testify to the gospel, unbelievers would remain in their unbelief. In other words, according to this and other passages in Scripture, without Spiritual illumination there is no evidence that demands a verdict or insures a saving response to the gospel. Why is that and how does Spirit illumination overcome unbelief?

Speaker: Peter Cushman

Title: The Truths and Tools of Presuppositional Evangelism

Description: When sharing the good news, do you feel the pressure to be an expert in Islam, Atheism, and evolutionary theory? Do you get tongue-tied saying, “The Bible says”? Have you ever explained the gospel to a friend for the first time then wondered what to do next; should you give the same spiel next time, God, man, Christ, response? What if your friend says, “That’s nice that you believe that”? Should you just leave off there? Come rediscover the power of God’s word and learn about some tools that unleash it.

Speaker: Dr. Mark Snoeberger

Title: Varieties of Apologetics: A Survey

Description: While many nuances of apologetic method exists, it is possible to reduce the options to four distinguishable approaches. This session identifies and briefly describes each of these approaches according to three defining features: their respective understandings of (1) the extent of total depravity; (2) the relationship of regeneration, reason, and faith; and (3) the relative priority placed on the written Scriptures in the apologetic task. The approach traditionally known as presuppositionalism emerges as the superior approach.

Speaker: Dr. Mark Snoeberger

Title: Evidence that a Verdict Demands: The Appropriate Use of Evidences in Presuppositional Apologetics

Description: Critics often accuse presuppositionalism of rejecting all appeal to evidences in apologetic argument, but this is not the case. While presuppositionalists insist that independent evidences cannot compel faith, there is much room in the system for appeal to evidences not only to “help God’s little ones” (Machen), but also to present a consistent biblical worldview the weight of which may be felt even by unbelievers. Of concern in this session are texts such as Matthew 5:16, John 17:20–23, and 1 Peter 3:1, with special emphasis on Titus 2:6–10.

Speaker: Dr. Tim Miller

Title: Tactics for Discussing the Faith: Engaging Unbelievers with Wisdom

Description: Many Christians know they should talk to unbelievers about the Christian faith, but they struggle to know how best to do so. In this session, we will see how a believer can winsomely and honestly present the truth in a non-confrontational manner by using questions to guide the discussion.

Speaker: Jon Moreno

Title: A Good God in a Wicked World

Description: God is real, and so is evil. To many, this statement is both illogical and self-contradictory. Regrettably, the sincere effort to justify God to man by presenting an acceptable theodicy has historically come at the costly expense of the attributes and character of God. However, without providing all the answers or releasing all the tensions, this workshop will endeavor to provide a viable solution to the problem of evil that is both logically coherent and biblically grounded.

Speaker: Dr. Tim Miller

Title: Science and Faith: The Source of the Modern Tension

Description:  It is popularly believed that one must choose between science and faith. If one chooses faith, he must abandon science. But it was not always this way. This session will explore why the tension presently exists, and will demonstrate that if one chooses the modern understanding of science over faith, then science itself is impossible.

Speaker: Dr. Tim Miller

Title: Same-Sex Mirage: Responding with Grace and Truth

Description: Twenty years ago, nearly every American stood against what is called same-sex marriage. Nevertheless, public support has reversed in a strikingly short span of time. This presentation will trace the ideological shift, provide a biblical perspective on the issue, and suggest some ways believers should respond.

Speaker: Dr. Kyle Dunham

Title: Apologetics and the Canaanite Genocide

Description: This workshop addresses current controversies concerning the so-called Canaanite genocide of the conquest from an exegetical and theological perspective. I argue that the practice of ḥerem in ancient Israel does not constitute genocide but serves a unique function in preparing and purifying the land for the OT mediatorial theocratic kingdom.

Speaker: Dr. Kyle Dunham

Title: The Role of Biblical Creationism in Presuppositional Apologetics

Description: This workshop addresses current evangelical debates over origins and supports the young-earth, biblical creationist position from an exegetical and theological perspective. I argue that this creational viewpoint best aligns with a fully consistent presuppositionalism and thus constitutes a significant though often neglected aspect of apologetics.

Speaker: Kit Johnson

Title: Secular Ethics and Christian Witness

Description: Christians today are often dumbfounded by the ethical dogma and vitriol of secularists. This workshop will critique the foundations of secular ethics and describe how Christians can use the broken ethical presuppositions of secularists as an inroad for gospel witness.

Speaker: Ben Edwards

Title: Their Rock is Not Like Our Rock: Addressing the Alternative Worldviews of Biblical Counterfeits

Description: If our apologetic begins with the belief that the Bible is God’s Word, are we at an impasse when we encounter those who claim another source of revelation? This workshop will discuss the general framework for engaging religions that claim a connection to the Bible but have perverted it and offer an example of applying the method to Islam.

Speaker: Ben Edwards

Title: Addressing the Alternative Worldviews of Immanent Moralism

Description: A growing number of people in the West are adopting worldviews that emphasize personal experience and moral behavior that may be connected to some kind of spiritual reality but not to the biblical God (e.g., Buddhism, New Age, etc.). This workshop will discuss a general framework for engaging these belief systems and offer an example of applying the method to Moralistic Therapeutic Deism.

Speaker: Ben Edwards

Title: Battling on Borrowed Ground: The Unbeliever’s Suppressed Knowledge of God

Description: Believers can find common ground with unbelievers, but the ground they share is not neutral—it belongs to God. This workshop will explore the biblical teaching that the unbeliever has borrowed aspects of his worldview from the Christian worldview while simultaneously fighting against Christian truth. The Christian can utilize this borrowed truth as he seeks to persuade unbelievers.

Speaker: Dr. Sam Dawson

Title: The Hope We Defend: A Focus on God

Description: Evidence lies all around us for the existence and grace of God, yet at times we may be hesitant to fully use the evidence He has given us to defend the hope we have as His followers. The goal of this workshop is to equip and encourage believers as we consider the God in whom we hope, the evidence He has given to defend our hope, and particularly how He wants us to utilize this evidence in defending our hope.

Speaker: Dave Doran Jr.

Title: Making the Body Visible: The Ordinances in Church Planting

Description: What roles do the ordinances play in Church Planting? How should church plants and young congregations steward the ordinances? This workshop aims to discuss the vital role of the ordinances in the life of every church, especially the youngest congregations.

Speaker: Dr. David Doran

Title: Building a Biblical Worldview

Description: Preparing God’s people for apologetics is much deeper and broader than giving them a set of answers for a handful of common “tough questions” unbelievers ask. The conflict is not merely a few fights over difficult issues of the faith; it is a war between belief and unbelief. We must help believers develop a consistent worldview which is thoroughly biblical and, therefore, will be radically contrary to the view of those outside of Christ.

Speaker: Dr. David Doran

Title: The Sufficiency of Scripture Defined and Defended

Description: Many profess to believe in the Scripture’s sufficiency, but in practice depart from this doctrine as they shepherd God’s people. Advocates for biblical counseling have wrestled with and over this doctrine as they face challenges from outside the church and debates within it. This workshop will survey developments in the biblical counseling movement with an eye to evaluate these in light of biblical teaching and effective pastoral ministry.

Speaker: Brian Jones

Title: Apologetics for Any Given Sunday

Description: This workshop will demonstrate how you can apply apologetics to speak to unbelievers about Christ in your Sunday sermons. Brian will discuss the development process he uses and show you real-world examples from his own Sunday morning messages.

Speaker: Pearson Johnson

Title: The Great Obstacle to Belief: An Unfair God and the Problem of the Unreached

Description: C.S. Lewis once said, “Is it not frightfully unfair that this new life should be confined to people who have heard of Christ?” God’s judgment of the unevangelized is one of the most often-noted obstacles to belief. Is God unfair, or are we demanding a god of our own making? We will address this issue biblically and theologically, and give practical suggestions on how to answer our unbelieving friends who see this as an obstacle to their belief in the Gospel.

Speaker: Mark Brock

Title: (Stop) Running from God’s Justice

Description: The common Christian frequently seems to be embarrassed by God’s justice as though it were a hairy mole on God’s face. The postmodern has no tolerance for accountability and judgment–that is, after all, very exclusive and totalitarian. Our silence lends credibility to these false beliefs. However, God’s justice is his glorious, holy response to his creatures. It is a practical outcome of his sovereign reign. The goal of this workshop is to instill a conviction that a believer’s understanding of God’s justice is necessary in his/her sanctification.



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